Monday, 29 August 2011

The Bilinda Butchers - Half Open [2011]

Artist: The Bilinda Butchers
Single: Half Open
Label: Beko DSL

I'm pretty quick off the bat with this one; the new Bilinda Butchers single, released today on the Beko Digital Singles Label. Those who know me will know that I adored their EP Regret, Love, Guilt Dreams [2011] (which I reviewed on here pretty recently) and that it was love at first listen. Well, fans of the band won't be disappointed as they clearly don't plan on resting on their laurels any time soon.

Interweaving synth hooks, nostalgic soundscapes, lyrics about love and loss, swathes of reverberation and noise washes make up the A-side, "Half Open" a slow-dance through a crumbling relationship which is mirrored by the music's constant builds ands falls, which eventually give way as the words "hold on until you're gone" echo off into infinity and the coda kicks in for an epic one minute epilogue.

"Seafoam Green" is a different beast altogether, with a milky texture and a languid tempo; it's music that is happy to float on the top layer of your consciousness and ebb and flow along of it's own accord. The sounds of tidal pulsing in the background, seashells put to your ear, dry kelp brushing the sand, sunburnt synthesisers, aqueous guitars; all part of the effect that brings you closer to the events of this track, themselves captured in sun-bleached high fidelity.

God Bless The Bilinda Butchers.

1) Half Open
2) Seafoam Green


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