Friday, 4 December 2009

Piana - Ephemeral [2005]

Artist: Piana
Album: Ephemeral
Label: Happy

is Piana's second album and was released on Taylor Deupree's now defunct Happy label, set up as an outlet for unconventional Japanese pop. Eventually, Happy merged with 12k as the output of the labels began to overlap stylistically. As a result of this, Ephemeral has been out of print for some time.

On Ephemeral, I feel that Piana manages to capture a beautiful point somewhere between lush ambient textures and pop melodies; at times, the music is filmic and vivid, and this is augmented by Piana's obviously firm grasp of the sonic capabilities of her software and voice. Her idiosyncratic approach to melody is, for me, what makes this album so special though. Vocal harmonies weave their way through the album in a familiar, yet unconventional way; making the record a rewarding experience even after multiple listenings.