Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Lovesliescrushing - Bloweyelashwish [1994]

Artist: Lovesliescrushing
Release: Bloweyelashwish
Label: Projekt: darkwave

Lovesliescrushing are a shoegaze band of sorts, consisting of Scott Cortez on Guitar, 4 track tapes and general sonic manipulation, and Melissa Arpin-Duimstra on vocals. This is their first album, and is more or less a showcase of their various different styles, ranging from ethereal pop to pure guitar/tape experimentation and everything in between. Perhaps what is most interesting about this release (and for that matter, most of Cortez's music), is that it is completely devoid of synthesizers, and all of the otherworldly sounds achieved are done so with prepared guitar and a fairly large stack of effects, the only exception being some subtle drum machine parts and of course Melissa's vocals. Of all their releases, Bloweyelashwish is arguably their most diverse, darkest and beautifully ethereal release to date, and shows just how far the guitar can be removed from its original context into something entirely new and fresh.


1) Babysbreath
2) Teardrop
3) Iwantyou
4) Fur
5) Dizzy
6) Plume
7) Burst
8) Tinkerwench
9) Charm
10) Moinaexquisitewallflower
11) Butterfly
12) Sugaredglowing
13) Glimmer
14) Youreyesimmaculate
15) Crushing
16) Bloweyelashwish
17) Precious
18) Darkglassdolleyes
19) Finger
20) Halo

Projekt: darkwave