Wednesday, 12 August 2009

不失者 - Live I [1989]

Artist: Fushitsusha

Album: Live I

Label: PSF

One of Keiji Haino's earlier projects, Fushitsusha created some of the darkest, loudest and most beautiful psychedelic rock of their time. This untitled LP (most commonly called Live I) shows Haino on top form, delivering somewhat more conventional psych-rock, laced with his signature guitar and vocals. this record is Fushitsusha's first LP, released eleven years after their formation in 1978, on the now legendary PSF label. This is really a must have for any fans of Haino, or indeed anyone familiar with the PSF label and their vast catalogue of Japanese psychedelia.


Disc 1:

1) あっち

2) 暗号

3) すきにやればいい

4) とどかない

Disc 2:

1) ふわふわ

2) なったんじゃない

3) 迷子

4) ここ

PSF Records

Download part one and part two